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11-524 XRP C. E. JUNCKER .800 SILVER ARMY OBSERVER BADGE - PRUSSIA. This is a consignment item. It is a classic example of the C. E. Junker hallmarked Prussian Army Observer Badge. The badge measures 1  ¼” x 3.” The obverse’s center features a square Observer’s Emblem (hailing from when Army observers on the ground made signals using flags similar to the emblem). The emblem measures ¼” x ¼,” and is made of red, black, and white enamel. The enamel work is flawless. The reminder of the obverse features the Hohenzollern Crown, along with oak and laurel leaves tied into a bow. The obverse’s condition is excellent.
The reverse reveals that the badge is of the classic “Rayback” design. In the center are two small clips that allowed the enamel Observer’s emblem to be attached to the badge’s back half. Also present in the center are the C. E. Juncker Berlin and .800 silver hallmarks. A small weep hole where gases could escape during the soldering process connecting the two badge halves is also present. It is a very pleasing badge. $950.00








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11-520 XML TWO-PIECE C.E. JUNCKER & .800 SILVER HALLMARKED PRUSSIAN ARMY PILOT BADGE. This is a consignment item. It is a high-quality Prussian Army Pilot Badge from the workshops of noted Berlin firm C. E. Juncker. Many people do not realize that Juncker was more than an aviation flight badge-maker (although it produced some of Germany’s finest badges). In fact, C. E. Juncker was a full-line military effects firm favored by many German military officers. It even was responsible for the ultra-high-quality pickelhauben employed by the Regiment des Garde du Corps, the Kaiser’s personal guard. [These metal Küraßier helmets were impressive, with their long "lobstertail" rear visors that helped protected their wearers’ necks from sword slashes. The massive Hohenzollern Eagles that topped their full-parade-configuration helmets only increased their splendor]. Still, their reputation for producing excellent flight badges is well deserved.
Three different types of flight badges were produced. The basic flight badge was stamped (cliche). If you are familiar with Imperial German Army and Navy Wound Badges (stamped out by high pressure machines), this is the same design. The second type (a step up) was the one-piece massive design. These solid badges were manufactured from a single piece of metal. The third, and highest-quality flight badge, was the two-piece hollow design. These badges were made from two separate metal pieces that were then soldered together. A weep hole on the badge’s reverse allowed the gases produced during the soldering process to escape. Our C. E. Juncker flight badge is an excellent example of this third design.
The badge’s obverse features a laurel and oak leaf wreath joined together at its bottom by a bow. A Taube monoplane soars over the countryside within the wreath. [The Prussian Army Pilot Badge was authorized in 1913, when the Germans still commonly employed the Taube]. The badge is topped by a Hohenzollern Crown. While the badge was designated as Prussian, it was authorized to be worn by all of the Reich’s aviators, with the exception of Bavaria. Bavaria produced its own flight badge, whose only difference from the Prussian example was a Wittelsbach rather than a Hohenzollern Crown. [The Bavarians always had to be different]!
The badge’s reverse features a plain back rather than a rayback design. I actually see rayback designs more frequently than the plain backs. The badge’s pin is in excellent condition. If you look at it closely, you can see that is not totally straight. This is a sign that the pin pierced a woolen tunic’s tough fabric. When you lift the pin up at the top, a small weep hole can be seen. As previously mentioned, it is a key factor in identifying a two-piece badge.  The C. E. Juncker  hallmark appears just above the pin's catch,  with the crescent moon, Hohenzollern Crown and .800 silver hallmarks below that of the firm.


The badge is in prime condition with a marvelous patina that has not been disturbed in decades. $895.00dbaug16






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11-414 PRUSSIAN ARMY GUNNER’S BADGE - MINIATURE. This is a miniature of a Prussian Army Gunner’s Badge. The badge is vaulted, which is highly unusual. A large jump ring is attached to the smaller jump ring on the badge. From the top of the jump ring to the bottom of the badge this measures 7/8" and it measures 1/2" wide. This would of the correct size to be added to a tie chain bar which would show the various orders and decorations that the veteran had won. This miniature is in excellent condition. $450.00 




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11-423 XRB BAVARIAN ARMY PILOT BADGE STICKPIN. This is a consignment piece. It is a high-quality stickpin with a miniature of the Bavarian Army Pilot’s Badge. This piece has a magnificent patina. It is unhallmarked for manufacturer or silver content. It sports a knurled pin. These are far more difficult to find than Prussian Army Pilot’s Badge Stickpins. $250.00



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11-518 XLD ENGRAVED NAVY LAND PLANE PILOT BADGE. This is a consignment item. Today we are offering an interesting naval Land Plane Pilot Badge. The badge was used by the pilots of the Marine Jastas that flew in Flanders against France and Great Britain’s air services. The badge was first authorized in 1915. By WW I’s end, two Navy Plane Geschwaders had been created and had contributed to the air war, along with their Army brethren. The badge’s obverse depicts an albatross flying beneath a bright sun and over a walled city on the ocean. Surrounding this scene is an oak and laurel leaf wreath, topped by an open Hohenzollern Crown. The reverse features horizontal engraving containing the information listed below.

1 M F F A
[The 1 sports an unusual added fillip on its top left side].

The reverse’s pin is flat, as is often the case on a one-piece-massive Navy flight badge. The badge is in topnotch condition, overall. It displays a very pleasing patina. $1,195.00 








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11-522 XRP COMMEMORATIVE NAVY OBSERVER BADGE. This is a consignment item. It is a seldom seen flight badge, a Navy Commemorative Observer Badge. The German Imperial Naval Air Service was rather unusual because they offered two different pilot badges. They also offered a Commemorative Badge for both pilots and observers. The difference in the two badges was subtle. The Commemorative Pilot Badge featured an albatross with upraised wings flapping. The Commemorative Observer Badge depicted the albatross with his wings outspread, soaring and observing what was below him. Both badges were unique to the Army or Naval Air Services. They were the only two badges that were issued in the prinzengroße size. Like all wartime Navy flight badges, it is gilt-toned.
The badge, which is of a cutout design, features a wreath of oak and laurel leaves joined together by a ribbon at the bottom. A Hohenzollern Crown tops the wreath.
The badge’s reverse has a flat pin. The eagle’s reverse displays both the manufacturer’s and the silver hallmarks. It would make an excellent addition for your collection. $1,250.00 







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11-523 XRP NAVY LAND PLANE PILOT BADGE. This is a consignment item. The Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy) issued two types of pilot badges. The first was for Sea Plane pilots who were based at naval bases and launched from the water. These badges came in both two-seater and single-seater configurations. The Navy Land Plane Pilot Badges were primarily issued to pilots of single-seater airplanes that fought in Flanders’ Marine Jastas. As the war progressed, these squadrons flew in greater numbers and produced the greatest naval aces.
Our offering today is for a Navy Land Plane Pilot. The badge can be easily be distinguished from a Sea Plane Pilot Badge, as it depicts a scene of a coastal city rather than that of an island (Heligoland) in the distance. Both badges are gilt-toned, unlike their silver counterparts from Prussia and Bavaria. The badge measures 1 ¾” x 3.” It is topped by a Hohenzollern Crown. Beneath the crown is a sun whose rays shine down on the albatross flying in the badge’s center. Beneath the albatross is the town scene previously described. A wreath of oak and laurel leaves is tied at the badge’s bottom center. The detailing to the obverse is very crisp and clean.
As we examine the reverse, we see that the badge is of the one-piece massive variety. It has a flat style pin with NO hallmarks for manufacturer or silver content. The badge’s overall condition is excellent. $895.00







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13-594 NAVY LAND PLANE PILOT’S BADGE RING. Over the years I have offered numerous examples of a ring which featured the Prussian Army Pilot Badge. These are delightful rings and which were generally worn by pilots or possibly their sweetheart. They have always been very popular with collectors and when I am lucky enough to find one I buy it immediately to be able to offer to you on these pages. Today we have something that really excited me when I first saw it. It is a ring for a Navy Land Plane Pilot! If you look at our Navy flight badges you will see an example of this badge. One great difference that you will see is that the badges are gilt toned while our ring is silver. There is a fair amount of wear to the high points of the badge (wreath and crown) but the interior detail can still be seen quite easily. The band on the ring is massive and much larger than the Prussian Army Pilot Badge rings. There is a cut out slot on each side between the actual band and the badge. Inside the band we see that this is a VERY high quality ring as it is both manufacturer hallmarked (SL) and .925 silver. This ring is a size 10 1/2. a very rare and desirable ring. $450.00



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Army & Navy Zeppelin & Misc. Zeppelin



11-415 COMMEMORATIVE NAVY AIRSHIP BADGE - MINIATURE. This is a miniature of the Commemorative Navy Airship Badge. The badge has amazing detail for its size. It is in excellent condition. $450.00 



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21-110  GILT COMMEMORATIVE NAVY AIRSHIP BADGE STICKPIN. This is a very high-quality miniature was mounted onto a pin. This was then used by a veteran. This is gilt on silver. Its superiority and attention to detail are quite striking for such a small item. As is correct for a full-sized Commemorative Navy Airship Badge, it sports a Hohenzollern Crown. This example is quite unusual due to its gilt finish. While all other naval flight badges were gilt-toned, the Navy Commemorative Airship Badge was silver like its Army counterpart. A half moon and crown, along with the silver content (.800) are marked on the reverse. It is a lovely miniature. $325.00



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11-480 XBB COMMEMORATIVE NAVY AIRSHIP BADGE - STICKPIN. This is a consignment item. It is a very high-quality miniature mounted onto a pin. It was then used by a veteran. It is silver-toned. It is very well made for such a small item. As is correct for a full-sized Commemorative Navy Airship Badge, it sports a Hohenzollern Crown. While all other naval flight badges were gilt-toned, the Navy Commemorative Airship Badge was silver, like its Army counterpart. It is a lovely miniature. $325.00



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11-481 XBB COMMEMORATIVE ARMY AIRSHIP BADGE - STICKPIN. This is a consignment item. It is a very high-quality miniature mounted onto a pin. It was then used by a veteran. It is silver-toned. It is very well made for such a small item. As is correct for a full-sized Commemorative Army Airship Badge, it does not sport a Hohenzollern Crown. It is a lovely miniature. $325.00



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Austrian & Central Power Flight Badges


11-420 AUSTRIAN NAVY PILOT’S BADGE 1st MODEL.  This is a fine example of a 1st Model Navy Pilot’s Badge. What is unusual about this badge is that it is prinzengroße-sized. The obverse features an eagle or albatros in flight over a crowned anchor. It also displays a two-color band of enamel. On the reverse we find that the badge is a pinback. It has no manufacturer’s hallmarking. It is a fine badge. $795.00





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