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Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr 1

Written by: Alore Arrington, Chief Spokesperson

The 1. Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr 1 was one of the most elite regiments in the German army, with a history dating back to 1741. This regiment was particularly significant during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II, who was its Regimental Chef (Chief) and actively involved with the regiment, often seen wearing the busby and uniform in photographs. The Crown Prince Wilhelm also held rank in the regiment.

One famous member of the regiment was Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen, who was the brigade commander of both regiments and personally given command of 1. Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr 1 by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1893. Von Mackensen went on to become one of the most successful German generals of World War I, leading the Central Powers in the East and receiving numerous awards for his service.

The NCO schirmütze on offer today is a rare piece of history from this regiment, featuring a red felt wide band with white trim bands above and below, a silver tone totenkopf unique to the two German-Husaren-Regiments, and correct NCO state and reich kokarden. While the cap shows some signs of moth tracking, the overall condition is quite nice, making it an amazing artifact from one of the most famous and elite regiments in the German army.

If you're interested in German history, military memorabilia, or World War I, this NCO schirmütze is a must-have piece for your collection.

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