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From time to time we offer consignment items which are the property of another party. Our guarantee on these items is for THIRTY DAYS only. At the end of that time we disburse payment to the consignor and the sale is considered to be final. Your acceptance of these terms is acknowledged when you  place an order for a consignment item. If a consignment item is not to your liking, please let us know within that thirty day time frame and we will immediately refund your purchase price.

Consign Items - Imperial German Military Antiques Sale

We are proud to feature works and art by Jack D. Hunter Author of The Blue Max

Our good friend Jack D. Hunter passed away on 13 April 2009, at the age of eighty-seven (he would have been eighty-eight in June). I miss him. He remains an extremely important influence on my life, as well as for many WWI collectors and readers.

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