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    The Bavarian Army’s principle Kavallerie units were known as Chevaulegers (from the French) and for a total of eight. Bavaria also fielded two Ulanen-Regiments that were created AFTER the Chevaulegers-Regiments came into existence. That said, two of the eight Chevaulegers-Regiments were created in 1905 and 1909. The other six regiments were created during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, the last being raised during the Napoleonic Wars. Of the eight regiments, four had helmets featured brass furniture, while the other four had silver furniture. [In the past, it has been my experience that brass helmets were more plentiful than silver]. This spiked helmet is correct for the Bavarian units listed below. The 2. Chevaulegers-Regiment Taxis, which was raised in 1682 and garrisoned at Regensburg. The 4. Chevaulegers-Regiment König, which was raised in 1744 and garrisoned at Augsburg. The 6. Chevaulegers-Regiment Prinz Albrecht von Preußen, which was raised in 1803 and garrisoned at Bayreuth. The 8. Chevaulegers-Regiment, which was raised in 1909 and garrisoned at Dillingen. The helmet’s leather body is in very good condition, overall. One small scrape appears near the State kokarde. The wappen is most attractive, with an excellent frosted finish. A shield that boasts a gold-toned Reserve Officer’s Cross in its center appears between the two rampant Bavarian Lions. All of its remaining furniture, including the chin scales, cruciform, trim, officers’ stars and fluted spike is silver. The chin scales, cruciform, and spike have a marvelous patina to them. The spike is quite tall for a Bavarian…


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