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anhalt - pickelhaube - officer  - infanterie-regiment nr 93

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    Anhalt – Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet – Officer – Infanterie Rgt NR 93

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    We have the pleasure of offering a pickelhaube from the very small Duchy of Anhalt, Saxony’s neighbor. In 1900, the population of Anhalt was 271,963. Its capital was located in Dessau. Its final reigning Duke was Friedrich II, who ruled from 1904-1918. Anhaltisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr 93 was founded in 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars. Bataillone Nrs 1 and 3 were garrisoned in Dessau, while Bataillon Nr 2 was based at Zerbst. The regiment was assigned to the IV. Armeekorps….    

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