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anhalt - wappen -  flÜgeladjutant

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    Flügeladjutants were officers who were assigned to the staff of a king, duke, prince, or a senior commander to serve as an Administrative or Executive Assistant. (The German translation of Flügel is “wing.”) The Flügel Adjutant was a special assistant or aide to the German rulers at all levels (Kingdom, Grand Duchy, Duchy, Principality or etc.) and served at all ranks from General Officer on-down. They often came from the nobility.)For parades, senior staff officers in the War Ministry, Military Cabinet, the General Staff, the Greater General Staff, War Ministry.From 1888 to 24 Jan 1904, the helmet plate for the AdC to the Prince (Flügel Adjutant) of Anhalt was based on the Guard Eagle with “FUERST” in place of the “KOENIG” on the motto banner….    

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