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army wound badge - black - cutout

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    ARMY WOUND BADGE – BLACK – CUTOUT. The Army Wound Badge was first authorized in March 1918. It was created in three grades or classes. The 3rd Class/Black Army Wound Badge was for one-to-two wounds. The 2nd Class/Silver Army Wound Badge was for three-to-four wounds. The 1st Class/Gold Army Wound Badge was intended for five-or-more wounds, the loss of a limb, or maybe an eye. As issued, the Army Wound Badge was a “closed” design. Later, as was often the case with 1914 Iron Crosses 1st Class, a man could purchase a custom piece with some differences, such as a screwback, being made of .800 silver, or in this case, the highly-desired cutout (open) Wound Badge. This is a black cutout example that boasts a magnificent finish. It would make an excellent addition to any badge collection. This is a consignment item.

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