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army wound badge - black

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    ARMY WOUND BADGE – BLACK . This is a very fine example of the Black Army Wound Badge. First authorized in March 1918, wound badges were awarded in three classes based on the number or severity of one’s wound(s). Black was considered the lowest (3rd Class), silver was 2nd Class, and gold was 1st Class. This is an originally-issued piece that displays very fine paint. Its reverse displays a pin. The badge is stamped.

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    ARMY WOUND BADGE – BLACK. The Army Wound Badge was first authorized in March 1918. It was created in three grades or classes. The 3rd Class/Black Army Wound Badge was for one-to-two wounds. The 2nd Class/Silver Army Wound Badge was for three-to-four wounds. The 1st Class/Gold Army Wound Badge was intended for five-or-more wounds, the loss of a limb or maybe an eye. This is an issued piece. It is stamped. Some scuffing shows on the stahlhelm, the badge’s highest point. Overall, it is in very good condition. This is a consignment item.

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