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army wound badge - silver - custom two-piece screwback

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    This is a very high-quality, custom two-piece screwback Army Silver Wound Badge. Wound badges (Verwundetenabzeichen) were first authorized for award on 3 March 1918 in three different classes. The 3rd Class award was black (for one or two wounds), the 2nd Class award was silver (for three and four wounds), while the 1st Class award was gold (for five or more wounds, or more severe traumas such as the loss of a limb). The issued badge was oval-shaped and featured a stahlhelm’s profile superimposed over crossed swords in its center. A laurel leaf wreath encircled the entire badge. [The stahlhelm replaced the pickelhaube in 1916, and was used for WW I’s duration. The Germany military continued to use it all the way through WW II. A very similar helmet model was adopted by the American military in WWII and is still in use today]. An issued badge sported a solid, pebbled surface behind the stahlhelm and crossed swords, with a vertical pin attached to its reverse. It was also stamped and hollow. Those soldiers who were willing to pay for something more elaborate had the option of purchasing a custom badge from a jeweler or military effects establishment once they had received their original award (just as did those who desired special Iron Crosses). For wound badges, the most common custom badge variation was the cutout. In this process, the badge’s solid background was eliminated and only the stahlhelm and crossed swords remained within the laurel leaf wreath. The badge…

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