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baden - pickelhaube - fÄhnrich’s dragoner-regiment

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    BADEN – PICKELHAUBE – FÄHNRICH’S  – DRAGONER-REGIMENT In the Imperial German Army, the rank of Fähnrich was equivalent to that of an Offizier’s candidate. [The rank differed from a One-Year-Volunteer (OYV) in more than its enlistment duration. A Fähnrich was on a fast track to FULL Offizier’s status in either the regular army or as a reserve officer. Many OYV’s ultimately became officers after they ended their active duty service and entered the reserves. During their formal one year’s service, OYV’s typically remained privates or privates first- class. In some instances they might enter the junior level as an NCO]. The Grand Duchy of Baden maintained three Dragoner-Regiments, Dragoner-Regiment Nrs 20, 21, and 22. Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20 was the oldest, formed as a Leib-Dragoner-Regiment in 1803. The other two regiments were raised in the mid-19th Century. The helmet’s leather body is in good condition. It has a couple of scrapes and dings, but nothing to seriously affect its overall condition. The wappen sports a fine frosted silver surface and an open/voided Offizier’s Crown. The cruciform, spike, and helmet trim is silver-toned. The helmet has NO Offizier’s stars (the helmet’s only feature that is NOT Offizier’s level. The pearl ring where the spike is attached is also an Offizier’s style. The chinstraps are brass. The exterior’s final features are the State’s and Reich’s kokarden. Again, they are Offizier’s level. [I am always drawn to the non Prussian kokarden pattern. The style that we see on the Baden kokarde was also used…

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