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baden - pickelhaube - one-year-volunteer - pre-1897 dragoner-regiment

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    BADEN – PICKELHAUBE – ONE-YEAR-VOLUNTEER – PRE-1897 DRAGONER-REGIMENT This is a fine example of a One-Year-Volunteer’s pickelhaube that was produced prior to 1897 for Dragoner-Regiments Nr 20, Nr 21, and Nr 22. The Grand Duchy of Baden, located just west of modern-day Stuttgart, fielded a total of three Dragoner-Regiments. These included 1. Badisches Leib-Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20, 2. Badisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr 21, and 3. Badisches Dragoner-Regiment Prinz Karl Nr 22. The first regiment was raised in 1803, the other two in 1850. They were garrisoned in Karlsruhe (the capital), Bruchsal-Schwetzingen, and Mülhausen i.E. All three regiments were attached to the XIV. Armeekorps. (ALL Baden regiments were part of the XIV. Armeekorps, since the Armeekorps had been established along geographic boundaries within Germany prior to WW I). These three regiments comprised Baden’s entire Kavallerie contingent. [Unlike some other states that fielded Küraßier, Dragoner, Ulanen, or Husaren Regiments, Baden focused on Dragoner-Regiments only]. Our offering today is a very fine officer’s pickelhaube from a Dragoner-Regiment. The helmet’s leather body has a squared-off front visor rather than a rounded one. All Dragoner helmets throughout Germany had squared visors. Only Württemberg and Bavaria used the squared visor for regiments other than the Dragoner. The other use for a helmet with a squared front visor was as general officers’ pickelhauben. The leather body of this spiked helmet is generally pleasing. The leather is in great shape. We see some minor cracking from age. We also see a bit of settling at the top in the area…

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