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baden - pickelhaube - reserve infanterie officer’s

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    BADEN – PICKELHAUBE – OFFICER – RESERVE INFANTERIE The Grand Duchy of Baden is one of our favorite states for pickelhauben and kugelhelme, partially due to their handsome wappens that feature the Duchy’s emblematic griffin. Their gorgeous state’s kokarden also is spectacular, as we will detail further along in this description. Our offering today is a Baden Reserve Infanterie Officer’s spiked helmet. Its leather body is in exceptional condition, with a buttery-smooth surface. It is virtually flawless, which is amazing in a more than one-hundred-year-old leather helmet. All of this marvelous helmet’s furniture is gilt-toned, including the wappen, chin scales, officers’ stars, spike-base, pearl ring, spike, front and rear visor trim and its back strap. The only silver-toned piece is the Reserve Officer’s Cross that sits high on the Baden Griffin’s chest, displaying the motto “Mit Gott für Fürst und Vaterland” (With God for the First [their leader’s title] and the Fatherland). The wappen itself sports an extremely gorgeous, frosted and fire-gilded facade. It is absolutely amazing, ranking among the finest Baden wappens that I have encountered. The pickelhaube’s spike is removable. Both the state’s and the Reich’s kokarden are present. The Baden kokarde displays a style employed by Baden, Württemberg, Saxony, and Hesse Darmstadt, while the Reich’s kokarde’s follows the more commonly-used pattern employed by Prussia. Baden’s very elegant kokarde resembles a round fan that has been painted red and gold. The Reich’s kokarde is missing some paint. The helmet’s interior features a high-quality, gently-used, leather sweatband that is…


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