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braunschweig - badge -veteran association

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    This is a most interesting Veterans’ Association Badge from the Duchy of Braunschweig. The Duchy was best known for fielding Husaren-Regiment Nr 17 and Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92. These two regiments represented two of the four Imperial German regiments that displayed the dreaded Totenkopf (Death’s Head) on their headdress. This symbol, meant to strike fear into the hearts of Braunschweig’s enemies, was worn on the respective regiments’ pickelhauben, busbies (pelzmützen), mützen, and schirmmützen. The badge, which measures 1 3/4” x 2 1/2” is bordered with a wreath. The wreath features a horse’s profile, which was emblematic of the Kingdom of Hannover, as well as the Duchy of Braunschweig. The horse’s image is surrounded by the words “Braunschweiger Landwehr Verband” (Braunschweig Land Defense Association). The top of the oval-shaped badge features an open crown, while its bottom displays a cross. [It is NOT an Iron Cross, and features some rather unintelligible writing. The words “für” (obscured) then “Reich” appear on its horizontal arm. This leads us to suspect that it may be a pre WW I badge]. Two small pieces of blue and yellow ribbon edged on either side by thin red, white, and black stripes are attached behind the cross, symbolizing Braunschweig’s state colors nestled within those representing the German Empire. The badge’s reverse features a sturdy pin for attaching it to a garment.

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