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braunschweig - pickelhaube - officer - infanterie-regiment nr 92: bataillone nr i and ii.

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    Braunschweig – Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet – Reserve Officer – Infanterie Rgt NR 92: Bataillone NR I and II

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    A definite rarity, an Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92 Officer’s Pickelhaube. I know you are more used to seeing Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92 helmets displaying the Totenkopf (Death’s Head), but another version was used earlier by the regiment’s Bataillon Nrs I and II. After 1912, the entire regiment switched to the wappen sporting the Totenkopf. The earlier examples are seen far less often. Although many collectors prefer the Totenkopf wappen, this beautiful helmet deserves equal consideration, primarily because the wappen’s center features enamel on it……

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