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braunschweig - telegraphs - leather album

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    This is an oversized leather album that measures 2 1/4″ x 10″ 12.” The album cover bears the high-relief, crowned royal cypher of Braunschweig’s Prince Ernst August II. Under that is the date, 29 May 1897. [At this particular point in time, the ruling family was not actually IN a position to rule, as Braunschweig and Hannover had been annexed by Prussia following the 1866 Austro-Prussian War. Braunschweig remained under the direct rule of Prince Albrecht from Prussia’s royal House of Hohenzollern until his death in 1906]. A water stain appears on the album’s lower left. At one point, a locking mechanism held the album closed. Part of this mechanism remains, but part is missing. The lock no longer operates. Inside the album, we see that some photos and/or other documents were removed from the page. Following that we see a series of twenty telegrams featuring the names of a Leutnant von Lind and a General von Schkopp. I could find no mention of Leutnant von Lind in my brief research, but I did see a General Bernard von Schkopp (1817-1904) who served as a general during the Franco-Prussian War. He was involved in commanding troops at the Battle of Wörth and at Paris. A Freiherr von Frentz is also mentioned. (Two Generalleutnants by the name of von Frentz served in the army during WW I). While I have not spent a great deal of time with these telegrams, Husaren-Regiment Nr 17 and 2. Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr 2 are mentioned. (The…

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