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commemorative naval officer’s memo pad holder - manufacturer’s & .800 silver hallmarks

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    COMMEMORATIVE NAVAL OFFICER’S MEMO PAD HOLDER – MANUFACTURER’S & .800 SILVER HALLMARKS. Today we are offering a very high-quality, silver, naval officer’s desk accessory. It is a ten-year commemorative of his 1903-1913 service. It was also used as a memo pad holder on his desk either aboard ship or on shore. The holder measures 3.25” x 5.25.” It features an enamel Kriegsflagge affixed to the top’s surface in the upper left corner. The latter device shows evidence of wear. The dates “1903-1913″ appear in the top’s center. Since it is dated 1913, it is quite possible that this officer served during WW I. The silver top’s bottom edge is scalloped. This top displays a wonderful patina that has not been cleaned in years or, perhaps, decades. Once opened, we see a bottom that is covered in wood and mounted in the center of the silver frame. The frame’s top edge does not reveal the same patina as its outer side, and is more indicative of what the frame looks like when new. It makes an arresting contrast. The jewelry store that produced this product has its name, H.M. Eyen & Co., engraved in the lower right section of the top edge. The silver hallmark, .800 silver along with the crown and moon specified by Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1885, appears to the name’s right. The memo pad holder’s reverse is covered in brown leather. It should not be difficult to find paper to insert into this holder. You may then…

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