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cover - kugelhelm - canvas

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    SKU: 33-78


    This is a superior-quality, beautifully-conditioned, canvas protective kugelhelm cover (Artillerie-Regiment). The canvas covers were used before the war to protect the helmets from bad weather when they were exposed in the field. During WW I they served the same purpose. They also prevented the sun from glinting off brass wappens and fittings to expose their wearers to the enemy’s unwanted attention. [We all know a leather pickelhaube was no protection against a sniper’s gunfire ]! Shortly after the war began, troops in the field also started using a “subdued” (painted gray) wappen. The canvas covers continued in use until the M-16 stahlhelme were introduced. As this was for a kugelhelm rather than a pickelhaube, a shorter extension was used at the top and an area of a greater diameter was provided. The example is in very fine condition.

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