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dagger - navy - reichsmarine - produced aboard ship.

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    DAGGER – NAVY – REICHSMARINE – PRODUCED ABOARD SHIP. Following WW I’s end, in 1919 the Kaiserliche Marine became the ReichsMarine, which it remained until it was replaced by the Kriegsmarine on 1 Juni 1935. Officers continued to carry a dagger (dolch) for certain occasions. The daggers were similar in many instances. The biggest difference was that their grips were black, (perhaps in mourning for the Kaiserliche Marine’s end). Officers could choose to retain the Kaiser Crown at their daggers’ tops, or they could choose another pommel-style that indicated the ReichsMarine. In some cases, the officer filed off the cross that appeared atop his Kaiserliche Marine dagger’s crowned pommel as an act of protest. Today we are offering a unique ReichsMarine dagger. The man who sold it to me was of the opinion that this dagger was Bordfertigung (fabricated onboard a German ship). Obviously, to produce a dagger such as this one, its creator must have been highly-skilled in a machine shop! I am of the opinion that the Kaiser Crown was NOT machined in the shop, but was original to a dagger. It appears identical to examples I have seen in the past. I cannot believe that this part of the dagger could have been created onboard the ship. It actually screws off just like it would on a naval dagger. The grip, however, most certainly was fashioned in a machine shop. It lacks the typical ivory or walrus tusk handle. It is wrapped loosely by two different kinds…

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