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desk piece - miniature pickelhaube

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    SKU: 04-615


    DESK PIECE – MINIATURE PICKELHAUBE This is a silver-toned pickelhaube that was used as a desk piece, probably on an officer’s desk. It is turned upside down so the pickelhaube’s top (including the spike) is attached to the desk piece’s base. It measures 3 ½” x 3″ x 2 1/4.” The pickelhaube comes complete with a gilt Prussian wappen (which is a bit loose and will move) and moveable silver chin scales. The pickelhaube’s interior has a nut and screw with which to secure it to the base. As for the exact uses for the desk piece, let your imagination run wild! It could have been used as an ashtray, a catchall for miscellaneous small items or a candy dish. How YOU use it is only limited by your imagination.


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