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dinner plate - kaiser wilhelm ii’s personal dinner service aboard naval vessels

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    DINNER PLATE – KAISER WILHELM II’s PERSONAL DINNER SERVICE ABOARD NAVAL VESSELS. This is an interesting, very rare, dinner plate that Kaiser Wilhelm II used when he sailed with the German fleet. The plate is interesting because it is NOT named for the Kaiser’s flagships, the battleship S.M.S. Kaiser Wilhelm II or, later, the S.M.S. Deutschland. He also had table service for his royal yacht, the S.M.Y. Hohenzollern and his racing sloop, the S.M.Y. Iduna. Kaiser Wilhelm II was very intrigued by his navy and his role within it. Plans for the Imperial German Navy’s expansion were constantly brewing at the Navy Ministry between the Kaiser and his alter-ego, Admiral von Tirpitz. As the German Empire’s Kaiser, Wilhelm was expected to live well, but he went FAR beyond that. Wilhelm lived in virtually the same style on his royal yacht, the S. M. Y. Hohenzollern, as he did at any of his palaces on land, INCLUDING the specially-designed dishware. The S. M. Y. Hohenzollern carried special plates, saucers, etc., exclusively for use on that vessel. So, a fifth set of tableware was created for his visits to other ships in the fleet so that he would have the same level of luxury aboard the other ships that he chanced to visit. For example, cruisers were dispatched to attend him on his regular visits to Norway’s fjords. Thus, if he entertained officers aboard their ship instead of the S.M.Y. Hohenzollern, he had the “correct” tableware to fete them. The plate measures…

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