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england - pocket watch - 18th century english skeleton pocket watch

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    ENGLAND – POCKET WATCH – 18th CENTURY ENGLISH SKELETON POCKET WATCH While I am no expert on pocket watches,  let me share what I do know about this pocket watch. The watch was manufactured in England during the period of 1750-1775. It is very likely that it came to this country before the beginning of the Revolutionary War. It is a smaller pocket watch than we normally see. The case measures 2″ in diameter. The watch face is made of porcelain. The hours are marked on it with hand painted Roman numerals, as well as painted numbers in the increment of five. If you look between the III and IV numerals, you will see where you wind this watch. It was a common spot for winding during this period and for this particular watch. One opens the watch’s front half, which houses the glass shield, inserts the key and winds. The key IS present and the watch fully functions. The time is set by moving the minute and hour hands like one would on a grandfather clock. As we examine the case, we see an interesting hand-etched design. (PLEASE NOTE: the case is made of GOLD). From the looks of it I would say that it is 18K. A fine jump ring (for lack of a better term) is attached to the watch top. Attach a pocket watch chain to it and the watch can be tucked in a pocket. The reverse sports another glass cover that exposes the watch’s…

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