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epaulettes - prussia - generalleutnant  - original storage carton.

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    These are a very special pair of Generalleutnant’s dress epaulettes from the Kingdom of Prussia. In addition to being for a high-ranking General, they come in a stunning and very rare storage carton. General’s epaulettes are easily distinguished from those belonging to other German officers. In the place of the individual silver bullion strands that flow down from all Major/Oberstleutnant/Oberst’s epaulettes is a thick, rigid, unified ringlet arrangement that is attached to the epaulette’s top by a black velvet and leather backing. The ringlets are also made of silver bullion that sports a gorgeous, heavy, silver patina that has been accumulated over many years, showing their serious age. The epaulettes’ tops feature gold crescents that also show a heavy patina. Their patina is somewhat dull at the moment but, if cleaned, they would be brilliant. They have not been polished in decades. Silver material is displayed within those crescents, on which appears a Generalleutnant’s single gold pip. The epaulettes’ tongues display a silver bullion and black thread design that indicates are from the Kingdom of Prussia. Prior to WW I, a Generalleutnant would have commanded an Army Division. Later during the war, it was possible for a General of this rank to command an Armeekorps. The epaulettes’ reverses sport a red felt underlay. A VERY light circular rubber stamp appears on the center of each back. I cannot decipher it, but I believe it to be from a theatrical house that bought uniforms and uniform items after WW I’s end…

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