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germany - award document - black army wound badge

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    This is a mini group of the award document and decoration for the Black Army Wound Badge. The document measures 5 3/4″ x 8 1/4.” The document has been folded into quarters. As the Wound Badge was not authorized until March 1918, many men earned the badge, but did not receive it prior to the war’s end in November 1918. This document is either a replacement document or an award that had not been made previously. It is dated December 1936. It was issued to a Josef Kaufmann. It bears a Third Reich rubber stamp in the lower left corner. I find it interesting that probably a lot of these documents were prepared and issued, as it has a place to note what class (color) the award was for, AND it differentiates between an Army badge and a Navy badge. The accompanying wound badge is in good condition.

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