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germany - banner - navy veteran association

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    This is one of the most interesting veteran’s table banners that I have encountered. It is especially interesting, because it is for a group of naval veterans from WW I and before. The banner’s stand measures 31″ tall. It has a brass base, which is dented. A brass rod also in it extends upward. An extension fits into the rod that extends both vertically and horizontally. The horizontal piece features delicate lattice work on which appears an anchor and a sailing ship. The horizontal piece extends out 12 3/4.” All of these pieces disassemble, and take a mere thirty seconds to set up again. Attached to the horizontal piece is the banner. The banner is attached by three extensions that come out of the banner’s top. The banner measures 10 1/2″ x 10.” It is made of hand-woven silk. One side features the Bavarian group’s name. Twin Eagles appear on panels. Below that a rampant Bavarian Lion appears. We also see the date 1930, which is when it was placed in service. The banner actually was for the ladies auxiliary of the veterans’ group. This side has suffered some running of the silk, which is more correctly termed “shredding.” It is very common with silk items. You have to remember that the banner is 78-years-old! The banner’s reverse is even more interesting. It recreates one of WW I’s most famous paintings. It is known as “The Last Man.” It depicts a German sailor clinging to his ship’s wreckage and thrusting…

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