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germany - box - zeppelin - patriotic - wood

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    This is a very fine patriotic box that has been hand carved. It salutes the zeppelin service. This box measures 8″ x 6″ x 4 ½.” It has a very intricately crenellated (notched like battlements) pattern around much of the exterior. On the lid is a Hohenzollern Eagle, which appears to be made of brass. There is also a small brass pull on the top lid that allows access to the interior. The front panel of the box displays a beautiful hand carved, high-relief zeppelin. This is a darker color than the wood on which it appears. Inside, the wood of the box presents a burled appearance. This is, however, a paper-like material that has been applied to the inside surface. This is a wonderful example of German woodcarving art. It is especially unique since it salutes zeppelins.

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