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germany - bust -rittmeister manfred von richthofen

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    In WW I aviation, no individual attracts more attention than Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen. He is not only the best-known of WW I Germany’s aces, but of ALL fighter pilots. He set the bar of achievement not only due to his eighty confirmed victories, but as the leader of Jasta 11, then as commander of the “Flying Circus,” JG 1. Who can say why he was and is so popular? He certainly had charisma, not only with his pilots but with the German people. He was every bit a “Rock Star” of his day. He was stopped in the streets by men and women who wanted his autograph. He wrote a best-selling autobiography while recuperating from injuries sustained the first time he was shot down (although he never truly recovered). His company was sought out by many military commanders and royals, including his Kaiser. It was all part of the magic that swirled around him. His death on 21 April 1918 did nothing to end the legend. If anything, it enhanced it. WW II’s Luftwaffe named a fighter unit after him, a practice that has continued to this day. Items pertaining to von Richthofen are extremely popular among collectors ninety years after his death. Sanke postcards can often fetch more than one hundred dollars. Any small item that relates to him can command serious money. Today we are both excited and pleased to be offering an amazing artifact connected to this famous young man. It is what I would term…

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