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germany - dinner plate - airship graf zeppelin lz-127's onboard service

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    Today we are offering a most interesting dinner plate that saw service on board the airship LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin. The ivory plate measures 10” in diameter. The outer edge is trimmed in gold with a decorative abstract design etched in the trim’s middle. Below this is a wider blue trim band sandwiched between very thin gold bands above and below it. An oval containing the letters “LZ,” for Luftschiff Zeppelin, appears against the blue band’s top center. Another gold trim band appears below the blue band, quite similar to the band encircling the plate’s outer edge. The plate’s reverse bears information on the manufacturer, Heinrich & Co., Selb., as well as Graf Zeppelin and 1928. 1928 was the first year that the Graf Zeppelin saw service on her maiden voyage from Germany to Lakehurst, New Jersey. The plate is in excellent condition and shows only slight signs of wear on the obverse’s blue band area.  

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