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germany - frack bar - two place

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    This is a two-place Frack Bar. A Frack Bar differs from a military medal bar in that it was worn on a civilian suit and was angled rather than horizontal. Frack Bars are much rarer than conventional military medal bars. Its medals are listed below from left to right. 1). War Service Medal. This decoration was given for service during WWI. For the most part it was given to civilians on the home front for service to the Reich. On the obverse it says “Für Kriegs Hilfsdienst.” On the reverse we see Kaiser Wilhelm II’s royal cypher. 2). Hindenburg Cross for Non Combatants. When Adolf Hitler authorized the Hindenburg Cross in 1934 after Reichspräsident (and former Generalfeldmarschall) Paul von Hindenburg’s death, it came in three types: Combatants, Non Combatants (offered here), and Next-of-Kin (a.k.a. the “Widow’s Cross”). Our Non Combatants Cross does not have the swords extending through its center as does the Combatants. The two medals’ ribbons are in fine condition. The Frack Bar’s reverse sports a white backing, with a fine pin for securing it to a garment. Minor moth nipping traces appear on the white backing.

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