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germany - painting - framed original - soldiers & the brandenburg tor in berlin

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    This is a very touching presentation from a young woman named Liesel. It shows a soldier standing on a battlefield over the grave of a fallen comrade. Beyond this touching scene we can see the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin as German soldiers march off to war. Fire and smoke separate the Gate from the battlefield. Flying over those soldiers on the way to the battlefield is an eagle with an Iron Cross in his beak. The Fatherland is saluting the brave young soldier who has given the last full measure of devotion to his country. A young girl named “Liesel” has added personalization to the painting. At the top she writes “Fata Morgana des Kriegs (Fata Morgana of Wars)” and in the lower right corner she has added “Meinem tapferen Vetter genidtmet Von seiner Base Liesel ” To my brave cousin (dedicated by his cousin) Liesl.” The small painting measures 4 1/2″ x 6 1/4. It is in a handsome brown period frame that measures 7 1/8″ x 9.” A small ring at the frame’s top allow one to hang it from the wall. One of the more touching items of its type that I have seen.

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