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germany - photograph - framed - hand colored - friedrichshafen with a zeppelin

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    Let me begin by telling how exquisite this piece is. It is a hand colored photograph of Friedrichshafen circa 1900 to 1910. It looks down on the city as it meanders along the edge of Lake Konstanz. Friedrichshafen was the zeppelin’s birthplace under the care of Graf (Count) von Zeppelin. The airships were often seen in the sky over the city and the lake, which separates Germany from Switzerland. Indeed, this portrait depicts a zeppelin in flight. The photo is quite unusual as it is slightly vaulted under the glass of the frame! A small brass plaque under the glass identifies the city as “Friedrichshafen a/B.” The frame is gilt, with short diagonal black lines accenting the molding. The frame and photo measure 6″ x 5.” On the back both an easel and a ring appear by which the piece can be displayed. It is in delightful shape and is of the highest caliber. A lot of pride went into the manufacture of this item.

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