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germany - photograph - zeppelinsailing over (alleged) kaiser wilhelm ii’s racing sloop s. m. y. meteor.

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     Kaiser Wilhelm II was a man with a passion for the sea. His Kaiserliche Marinewas his pride and joy. He and his Chief of the Admiralty, von Tirpitz, had grand plans to expand the Navy and challenge England on the high seas. Of course, the problem here was that the British also had great pride in their Navy and were well aware that it was their key means of strengthening their overseas possessions and holding on to the shipping lanes. So, if the Germans built four battleships, the English built eight even bigger and better than what the Germans had produced, which challenged the Germans to up the ante. This was a game that Germany could never win, however. By the time the Great War began, all the battleships that had been built on both sides from 1900 to 1905 were obsolete and relegated to secondary roles as they were no longer fit for front-line duty. In addition to his love for his Navy, the Kaiser enjoyed the sea in other roles. He spent long periods of time aboard his royal yacht the S. M. Y. Hohenzollern. From the time that the yacht was commissioned in 1892 until it was laid up when WW I began in 1914, he spent a total of more than five solid years onboard. Much of this was spent in Norway anchored in a fjord with a German warship accompanying him. The Kaiser was also a yachtsman and served as the Kaiserlicher Yacht Club’s (KYC)…

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