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germany - pilot badge - navy land - engraved

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    Today we are offering an interesting naval Land Plane Pilot Badge. The badge was used by the pilots of the Marine Jastas that flew in Flanders against France and Great Britain’s air services. The badge was first authorized in 1915. By WW I’s end, two Navy Plane Geschwaders had been created and had contributed to the air war, along with their Army brethren. The badge’s obverse depicts an albatross flying beneath a bright sun and over a walled city on the ocean. Surrounding this scene is an oak and laurel leaf wreath, topped by an open Hohenzollern Crown. The reverse features horizontal engraving containing the information listed below. 1*7 1 M F F A 1917 *[The 1 sports an unusual added fillip on its top left side]. The reverse’s pin is flat, as is often the case on a one-piece-massive Navy flight badge. The badge is in topnotch condition, overall. It displays a very pleasing patina. This is a consignment item.  

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