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germany - poster - ramed “zeichnet kriegssanleihe”

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    SKU: 12-804 A


    his is a fascinating framed patriotic poster from during the Great War. Similar items were employed by all of WW I’s participants to boost home front morale, recruit troops, encourage home front volunteering, AND raise additional funds for an increasingly expensive war effort. Our offering today depicts a design for an Imperial German War Bond. It is printed in black, blue, green, and gold ink. The poster is in excellent condition. Although it was framed later in the 20th Century, its simple style is compatible with its originating time period. The frame is high-quality, while the poster itself boasts a double matte. The outer matte is white, while the inner matte is black. Within the matting, the poster measures 10” x 12 ½.” Its black frame measures 19” x 21 ½.”


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