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germany - reichsmarine officer - brocade belt - buckle

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    This is a brocade belt and buckle for a Reichsmarine officer. The Reichsmarine was Germany’s Navy from the monarchy’s fall in 1918 until 1935, when the Third Reich’s Kriegsmarine replaced it. The Reichsmarine was severely limited to 15,000 men by the Treaty of Versailles, as was the number and size of the ships that Germany could use. The belt is classic brocade, with twin gray lines against a silver bullion background. The bullion’s toning is quite splendid. The belt buckle measures 2 ½” x 2 1/4,” and displays a superb gilt finish. It features a fouled anchor (as did the Kaiserliche Marine), but has no Kaiser Crown. The keeps are present, and the belt is 100% complete. The belt itself measures 33.” Its overall condition is excellent.

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