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germany - sanke - leutnant karl bolle - nr 657

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    This is Sanke card Nr 657 of Leutnant Karl Bolle (1893-1950). He began his military career in 1913 as a One Year Volunteer in a Kürassier Regiment. In 1914-1916 he served with this regiment. He was wounded at least once during this time. He then transferred to the Imperial German Air Service in 1916. He was then assigned to an observation squadron and his observer was Lothar von Richthofen. He finally moved to Jasta 28. He was then posted to Jasta 2 in February 1918 (Jasta Boelcke). Jasta 2 had lost three PLM winners who commanded the Jasta in short order. He was to be the final commander of Jasta 2 and from the time he was made commander Jasta 2 which flew Fokker Dr 1’s had the second most victories of any Jasta. He would receive the Orden Pour le Mérite on 28 August 1918 and would finish the war with thirty-six victories. He held a number of jobs after the war including some aviation related. He did not formally serve in the Luftwaffe but served as an advisor to Hermann Göring….  


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