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germany - statue - aviator

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    This is a classic statue depicting a WW I German aviator. I have seen these in the past, and offered them to you on one or two occasions. The statue rests on a base that measures 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ x 3/4.” The statue’s total height, from boot to upraised hand, measures 11 1/2.” Its overall weight is 2 pounds, 11 ounces. The pilot is wearing what appears to be a double-breasted, leather flying jacket. He is also wearing high boots into which his trousers have been tucked. He sports an old-fashioned leather helmet. This helmet was used early in the war by pilots and observers alike. Its leather was hard-shelled, unlike the more commonly seen soft leather caps. [If you look carefully, you can see a ridge running down the helmet’s center. Its presence is how I identified the helmet’s style. Perched atop his helmet are his goggles. His right arm is raised in salute, and his left hand holds a propeller. Obviously, the propeller is not to a standard propeller’s scale, which would have been much taller. The entire presentation, however, presents the WW I aviator’s spirit. If you look under the base, you can see the twin bolts and nuts that secure the statue to its base. At one time, the base probably had some sort of cover to conceal its innards. It does not affect the statue’s ability to stand solidly and securely when it is displayed. Here is a unique opportunity to add this…

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