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germany / u.s. - envelope - stamped - flown on first zeppelin flight from germany to usa

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    This is an envelope that was flown on the first flight of the Graf Zeppelin from Germany to the U.S. The Graf Zeppelin entered service in 1928. It was a major effort for the company, which struggled financially after the Graf Zeppelin’s death in 1917 and the war’s end. Hugo Eckner assumed the company’s control after the Graf’s death and navigated the company through a difficult period. He convinced the German government to include building a zeppelin to count toward German war reparations. Thus, theLZ-124 was constructed. Eckner personally commanded it in an historic 1924 flight and, with a great deal of publicity, turned it over to the U.S. Navy to become the U.S.S. Los Angeles. The historic flight began in Friedrichshafen, and ended in Lakehurst, NJ, a U.S. Navy station. Lakehurst was the East Coast base for zeppelin operations. The Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg landed there. The Hindenburg landed for the last time as a fireball at Lakehurst in 1937. The U.S.S. Los Angeles continued in service until 1940, partly because it ran on the much safer helium, while the German zeppelins were forced to use highly flammable hydrogen due to the U.S.’s embargo. Today we are offering a very special zeppelin-flown envelope. It was flown aboard the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin on its FIRST flight from Germany to the U.S. It is a deluxe envelope prepared just for the event. A yellow zeppelin that covers most of its top width is preprinted on the envelope. A special blue German…

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