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hesse-darmstadt - metal district administrator’s sign

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    This is a first time offering from Der Rittmeister Militaria. It is a large porcelain sign from a government office in Hesse-Darmstadt. [Hesse-Darmstadt was one of Imperial Germany’s two larger Grand Duchies. Along with Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt contributed the largest military contingents after Prussia, Bavaria, Württemberg, and Saxony]. The impressive, slightly-vaulted sign measures 20” x 23.5.” Its center features a 12” x 8.75” bright-blue shield adorned with a red-and-white-striped, rampant, Hesse-Darmstadt Lion. The shield is topped by a golden, stylized Fleurs-de-Lis-peaked crown, and the entire image is displayed against a white background. The term “Der Landrat,” which loosely translates as “The District Administrator” (technically, a sub-prefect), appears at the sign’s bottom. Each of the sign’s four corners features a hole through which the sign was attached to the administration’s office building. The shield is in the center. The sign is quite handsome and in very fine condition, overall. [This very large, bulky item will require additional shipping costs. For this reason we ask that you PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY and do NOT use our automated shopping basket! It will NOT calculate the correct shipping charges! We will be happy to assist you].

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