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hesse-darmstadt - pickelhaube - officer - infanterie-regiment nr 117

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    HESSE-DARMSTADT – PICKELHAUBE – OFFICER – INFANTERIE-REGIMENT Nr 117 This is a very tasty Infanterie-Regiment Nr 117 officer’s pickelhaube from the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt. The regiment was officially known as Infanterie-Leib-Regiment Großherzogin (3. Großherzogl. Hessisches) Nr 117. Although it was numbered as Hesse-Darmstadt’s THIRD infantry regiment, it actually was the SECOND-oldest, and also held “Leib” (life) status. The proud old regiment was founded in 1697. It was garrisoned at Mainz and attached to the XVIII. Armeekorps. This very desirable spiked helmet possesses a marvelous, leather body of the highest quality and condition. Despite a small mark or two, its overall condition is amazing. The leather is smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. Some slight settling (often seen in Bavarian helmets) shows at its top due to the cruciform’s weight. The Bavarian and Hesse-Darmstadt cruciforms were much larger than the bases used on Prussian helmets, for example. Its wappen is made of very fine, frosted gold, which adds a lot of style. It displays a rampant, Hesse-Darmstadt Lion brandishing a sword in its right forepaw, surrounded by a wreath on both sides. The dates 1697 and 1897 appear on the wreath’s two halves. [1897 was an important year in Imperial German headdresses’ design. Prior to that year, all headdresses displayed only the state’s kokarde from which the soldier originated. Beginning in 1897, a Reich’s kokarde was added to that of the state. Pickelhauben and kugelhelme had their states’ kokarden moved from their right sides (from the wearers’ perspectives), to their…

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