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imperial german 4.5 mark coin impression card - kaiser wilhelm ii

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    IMPERIAL GERMAN 4.5 MARK COIN IMPRESSION CARD – KAISER WILHELM II This is a coin impression card from the Imperial period. Two small embossed roundels appear in the card top’s left and right corners. The embossed roundel on the left displays two men operating a press, while the embossed roundel on the right features Germany’s Postal Service post horn within a laurel leaf wreath. A printed legend between the two roundels reads “Neue Gedenktaler auf Kaiser Wilhelm II (New Memorial Coin of Kaiser Wilhelm II).” Immediately below this legend is the information “Silber (Silver) 990/1000, 18 gr. (Grams) Schwer (Heavy) das Stück M. 4.50 ([for] the Piece 4.5 Marks).” The Imperial Period impression card features the embossed fronts of two silver 1914 Kaiser Wilhelm II coins below the printed information above. Both coins share the same embossed back, which is displayed below and in the middle of the two fronts. Both coin fronts feature different versions of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s profile. The coin on the left has the designation number “4419″ beneath it, while the one on the right is designated number “4420.” The coins’ back impression displays three swords planted in the ground in front of what may be a monument. The date 1914 appears on either side of the monument, while the rest of the embossed coin back features a quote from Kaiser Wilhelm II. Both coins’ designation numbers appear below the back’s embossed impression. Coin collectors’ cards like this are not something we come across often. It…

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