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imperial germany -  table-salver/wall plaque - featuring s.m.s. Ägir - pewter

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    This round, decorative, pewter salver/wall plague measures approximately 19 ¾” wide in circumference, and sports a gently scalloped rim that varies in width from 2 ¼” to 2 ½.” Its decoratively embossed center measures approximately 14 ¾” across, and descends about half an inch lower than the rim. The salver/wall plaque depicts the S.M.S. Ägir, the second and final member of the Imperial German Navy’s Odin Klasse of Küstenpanzerschiffe (coastal defense ships), whose only other sister ship was the Odin. [Ägir was the Norse sea-god, a figure resembling the Old Man of the Sea]. The ship was armed with a main battery of three 24-centimeter (9.4 inch) guns. She served in the German fleet throughout the 1890s and was rebuilt from 1901 into 1903. The S.M.S. Ägir served in the VI Battle Squadron after World War I’s August 1914 outbreak, although it saw no action. The Ägir was demobilized in 1915, then employed as a tender. After the war, she was rebuilt as a merchant ship and served in this capacity until December 1929, when she was wrecked on Sweden’s Gotland Island….  

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