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iron cross - patriotic metal frame

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    IRON CROSS – PATRIOTIC METAL FRAME. This is a fine metal frame that has been made in the shape of an Iron Cross. It measures 6.5” x 6,” and features an oak and laurel leaf wreath that encircles the frame’s center oval opening underneath the cross’s four, cutout arms. The wreath’s top cutout displays a crown, while the bottom cutout features the ribbon that ties the wreath together. The frame was intended to be hung from the wall, and displays a loop on its top by which it could be hung over a nail. The frame’s oval center displays a CdV that is slid into place behind a glass protector. The CdV exhibits an NCO who wears a shooting badge and has a signalman’s patch on his right sleeve. His schirmmütze rests on a stand beside him. You could replace this CdV with another, or any other photo of your choice.

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