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italy - caricature - king victor emanuel iii

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    CARICATURE – KING VICTOR EMANUEL III – ITALY. This is a large caricature of King Victor Emanuel III of Italy (1869-1947). He served as the King of Italy from 1900 to 1946. He was the King during WW I, when Italy was one of the Western Allies fighting against Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Victor Emanuel III was very slight in stature and stood only five feet tall. The caricature is matted. The overall size of the matted product is 18” x 12.” The actual image within the matte measures 12” x 9.” At the caricature’s top a German inscription reads “Our contemporaries.” Beneath it is another German inscription that says “The archetype of faithfulness.” In between them is an oversized image of Victor Emmanuel III. His size is shown in contrast to his sword and scabbard, which both are larger than he is. His rather puffed up appearance depicts him in his military uniform, along with his medals and kepi. The matte is made of light, white cardboard. Its condition is very fine, overall.

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