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jack d. hunter. - book - the blue max

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    This is a paperback edition of the best-known novel about a fictional Imperial German aviator’s adventures during World War One. This particular copy was printed in 1980. The hit book, published in 1964, was made into a 20th Century Fox blockbuster starring George Peppard, James Mason, and Ursula Andress. It clearly is the best novel about German WW I aviation written-to-date. It paves the way for all others, as we watch Bruno Stachel attempt to rise from his humble origins by winning the Orden Pour le Mérite. Stachel is utterly ruthless as he claws his way to his goal, regardless of the cost to others. After the publication of Mr. Hunter’s books in the U.S. and Great Britain, he was published all over the world. The book has been signed by the author on its title page.

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