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jack d. hunter - original painting - featuring english dh 2 shooting down fokker e iii (eindecker)

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    JACK D. HUNTER – ORIGINAL PAINTING – FEATURING ENGLISH DH 2 SHOOTING DOWN FOKKER E III (EINDECKER) My good friend, the late Jack Hunter, was both an accomplished writer (author of the legendary WW I aviation novel The Blue Max) and painter. The first example of his artwork appeared with the release of The Blue Max’s 1st edition. The publisher would not pay for a color dust jacket, so Jack volunteered to provide the artwork. This way his first published effort had the benefit of a more professional-looking dust jacket. Jack continued to paint for more than forty years. He did so mostly for relaxation and to stimulate his mind in between those times when he was writing books. His painting is prized by collectors and has appeared in several museums. In Jack’s paintings, the airplanes were the “stars.” He worked very hard to capture all of an airplane’s correct details. Before starting on a new painting, he first produced what he termed “work sketches.” Many of these were in color. He endeavored to correctly portray ALL his subject aircraft’s historical details before he began the full painting. Even if he had previously produced paintings of Fokker Triplanes in the past, he still painted a new “work sketch” to ensure its story’s details were absolutely accurate. For Jack, his painting was an extension of his writing: he always was telling a story. He usually included a typed or handwritten description of each painting’s action. These generally were attached to its…

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