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jack d. hunter - original painting - stachel takes a prisoner

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    JACK D. HUNTER – ORIGINAL PAINTING – STACHEL TAKES A PRISONER Jack Hunter was an old, dear friend. His hit German WW I aviation novel inspired my lifelong interest in WW I in general, and WW I aviation in particular. I met Jack through his lovely wife, Tommy. She had a small antique shop in St. Augustine, FL. My wife, Melissa, and I were walking by the shop where I first noticed an easel with a lovely painting of a WW I German Navy airplane shooting down a British airplane. I then looked up to discover that the shop’s name was “The Blue Max.” I walked in and learned that the painting was for sale, along with another portraying a similar theme. Melissa bought both for me on the spot as it was close to my birthday. I then asked the shop owner (whose name was Tommy, i.e. Shirley Thompson Hunter) about the shop’s name. She replied “My husband wrote the book!” I was stunned and told her how his novel had inspired me. She said that I ought to call him as he was always happy to chat with fans. From that point onward until his death in 2009, Jack and I had a very special relationship, one that I truly miss. In addition to his talents as an author, he was also a fine painter. In fact, he painted the dust jacket for The Blue Max’s first 500 editions, since his publisher would not sanction a color dust…

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