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kaiser wilhelm ii - soup bowl - s.m.y. hohenzollern

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    The S.M.Y. (Seiner Majestät Yacht) Hohenzollern was Kaiser Wilhelm II’s royal yacht. An earlier royal yacht by the same name was launched in 1878 and used by the House of Hohenzollern heads until 1892. It was then renamed the Kaiser Adler and later scrapped in 1912. The second, and most famous, S.M.Y. Hohenzollern was placed in service in 1894. It was used extensively by Kaiser Wilhelm II until just shortly before WW I began, when it was retired. [A bigger and even more opulent S.M.Y. Hohenzollern actually was launched in 1914, but it remained incomplete due to the war]. Wilhelm II spent the equivalent of five years (from 1894 through the first part of 1914) aboard the second Hohenzollern, primarily sailing around the Baltic, North, and Mediterranean Seas. Every summer, with the exception of 1906, Wilhelm’s favorite destination was Norway. The Hohenzollern, accompanied by at least one German cruiser anchored in a fjord, where the Kaiser exercised daily in the morning, sailed, and enjoyed visits ashore. He and his guests dined luxuriously from a table service specifically designed for use aboard the S.M.Y. Hohenzollern. The Kaiser maintained many different place settings at his various castles and estates. He even had a set designed for his use aboard the Kaiserliche Marine’s various flagships, as well as aboard his racing sloop. [Saying the Kaiser knew how to live it up in style is a gross understatement]. One tableware pattern that many Imperial German collectors prefer is that from the S.M.Y. Hohenzollern’s table…

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