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mecklenburg-schwerin - kugelhelm - officer - feldartillerie

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    MECKLENBURG-SCHWERIN – KUGELHELM – OFFICER – FELDARTILLERIE Today we are offering a very rare Mecklenburg-Schwerin Feldartillerie Regiment officer’s kugelhelm. Mecklenburg-Schwerin was a Grand Duchy that fielded two Infanterie Regiments, one Jäger-Battalion, two Kavallerie Regiments, and one Feldartillerie Regiment. The latter regiment was Großherzoglich Mecklenburgisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr 60. The regiment was founded in 1899 and garrisoned in the capital city of Mecklenburg, today a beautiful city located in former East Germany. The royal family’s castle still stands on an island within the city. [It remains one of my favorite cities/castles in Germany. I always enjoy going back for a visit]. The helmet’s leather body is in well above average condition. It sports a few blemishes, especially on the helmet’s left side. They are minor, however, with NO gouges or breaks. The leather body is very supple and makes a lovely presentation. All the fittings (furniture) are gilt-toned, with the exception of the wappen’s center. The wappen itself consists of a gold-toned sunburst. Mecklenburg-Schwerin’s silver crowned Coat-of-Arms is laid across the sunburst. The Coat-of-Arms’ silver center is beautifully frosted. It stands out to command one’s attention. The helmet’s chin scales are quite attractive. They are convex, as is correct for Feldartillerie kugelhelme. The exterior’s final detail is the presence of the correct officer’s State and Reich’s kokarden. As beautiful as the exterior is, its interior is also noteworthy. It begins with a brown leather sweatband. It is full and complete but does exhibit some perspiration marks. This is where the helmet gets…

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