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mitre - 1900 centennial fund-raising early 1700's

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    Around the turn of the 20th Century, charitable fund-raising in Imperial Germany touched on its citizens’ patriotic fervor by employing a military theme. A popular offering was inexpensive copies of Mitres that had been worn by famous regiments. This is a copy of the Mitre worn by the Königliches Regiment in the early 1700s. Its body is all cloth with a metal, eight-pointed star with the Order of the Black Eagle on the front’s center. A metal crown sits above the star. Metal flames appear on either side, with a flaming bomb on the rear. The front and headband are made of red cloth, while the rear is made of blue cloth. The front is backed by blue cloth and three cloth strips run down the body’s back. It does NOT have a Puschel. Dirt smudges and a few moth holes are present, but the overall condition is fair-plus. The interior is all cloth, possibly burlap. The letters “IIA148/649″ and “XXVI161″ also appear. This is a beautiful and rare copy of an early Mitre……  

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