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mitre- enlisted musician - erste garde regiment zu fuß bataillon nr i - friedrich der große-style

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    Prussia – Mitre – Enlisted Man – Muscian – Erste Garde Rgt ZU FUß Bataillon NR I – Friedrich der GROßE-Style

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    This is an Enlisted Musician’s Erste Garde Regiment zu Fuß Bataillon Nr I or II Mitre. It boasts the “Semper Talis” bandeau on its ornate silver front plate. The cloth back is red with ornate white strips for trim. Its red Puschel indicates that it was worn by a musician. Elite regiments, as well as many line regiments, had their own bands that led the regiment during parades. The Mitre’s interior features a soft leather liner similar to those found in pickelhauben. The number 54 appears on one of the liner’s petals, with a name appearing on another petal, as well as a very faint maker’s name stamped on a third petal. Its condition is excellent, with NO moth holes or dirt smudges on the red fabric. This is a beautiful Mitre that was only worn by two Bataillone of one Regiment, or 0.2% of the Imperial German Army……  

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